Wall Unit Berg – modern and stylish!

Thank you for visiting our premium furniture community! In this article, I would like to show You actually one of our favorites models – Wall Unit Berg. It is avaiable in many colorations, so I am sure You will find the correct option for Your living room! All of our wall unit Berg consists of 8 independent and on their own mounted elements that allow you to build your own unique wall product. It has been made with laminated chipboard 16mm thickness, and also it is usually customized with LED equipment and lighting. From many options, the most popular are white and black through fronts in high gloss or maybe matt. This modern product gives you a rare chance to design your own furniture.

Pic. 1: Wall Unit Berg – white matt / black matt

Also, we live providing push-to-open systeme, which in turn looks modern and elegant on once. As You can see on snap shots below, it also create numerous space to use. The picture down the page is only one example of set up unit. You can use it for inspiration, modify it towards suite your needs and fit in available space, or get your finance confirmed everything differently – it is now completely up to you! The cupboards are equipped with an innovative Push-To-Open technique, no handles are required. You’re selling our furnitures towards most countries of western Europe.


Author: Alan_Arcane

Traveller & Workoholic!

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