Bathroom furniture – modern example!

Bath cabinet and vanity models are really popular furnitures. Like those all know, usually bathrooms inside flahts are small , and that we have lots of cosmetics and other stuff which need to find correct place. That is why we are happy to show You one of the furnitures for Your bathroom — bathroom furniture set in shiny wenge and white shine.



It is an elegant and very useful choice for Your interior. Sleek is a bathroom furniture give for small and large interiors. Shiny fronts gives a unique as well as extraordinary look to Your bathroom. Quite functional and ergonomic selection. Purchase of Individual segments also available, so that You could reduce as well as enlarge unit just a approach You like. Unit include: Suspending Cabinet, Vanity Unit as well as the Mirror. Too bad, but that furnitures dont have virtually any LED options in give. Fronts are in high gloss and everything is wall hanging elements. Like i already wroted, We are offering top quality furnitures for Your modern property. If You need more interesting ideas for Your place, just try to check this blog site everyday!


Author: Alan_Arcane

Traveller & Workoholic!

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